Occupational Therapists are trained in ways to help patients adjust to lack of body function. This may include help with physical limitations, balance, decreased hand function or rehabilitation due to stroke or other trauma. They also have skills they can offer to assist people with vision loss.
When vision is decreased it is difficult to manage skills of daily living such as matching clothes, seeing the thermostat or dials on appliances, cutting with knives, pouring hot liquids and many other tasks. Occupational therapists can teach ways of adapting to these issues and maintaining an independent life by learning new ways to adapt and function.
Occupational Therapists work in rehab center or visit patients in their home. Generally they make a series of visits until a new skill has been adequately learned. Insurance and third party payers usually cover their services and you must be referred by your ophthalmologist or general practitioner.
Some occupational therapists are well trained in helping visually impaired clients, others are not. It is important to seek out those who can help in your situation. Light and Magnify Technologies works with several occupational therapists who are well trained in vision and we can make the necessary arrangements if their services are needed.