Handheld Devices
Handheld devices can be optical or electronic. They are portable in a pocket, purse or small carrying case and allow you to read on the go.
Optical Magnifiers
Optical Magnifiers can be hand held or sit on the reading material. Some have lights. They come in many powers and are preferred by people with low levels of vision loss. Low vision magnifiers are stronger than the ones you can purchase in a drug store and the optics are generally better.
[Post photos of the various magnifiers with a thumbnail description of each.]

Handheld electronic magnifiers
Electronic magnifiers can be used in or out of the home and in various light conditions. They allow you to change the level of magnification for various circumstances. They generally allow a greater viewing area than an optical magnifier – their screens are between 3 and 7 inches wide. They allow you to change the color and contrast of the print and include their own light source. Internal rechargeable batteries allow them to be used for several years without having to continually replace batteries.