The staff of Light and Magnify Technologies have 40 years of experience working with all levels of visual loss ranging from early onset macular degeneration to total blindness.  

Our vision aid specialist, Barbara Brown, will visit you in your own home, office or school to evaluate your goals and current limitations, then recommend aids or services that can help you. 

We have a large assortment of optical, non-optical and electronic visual aids to help you achieve almost any task.

We also work closely with state and local agencies that can provide additional services as needed.  We have a network of professionals to help with your other needs.  These include occupational therapists, low vision doctors and retinal specialists.

We will meet with you and your family to make sure you are able to achieve as much independence as possible.  Your ophthalmologist is there to prevent further vision loss or to treat your disease.  We are here to help you live with the vision loss you have and still lead a full life.

Call today for a free no-obligation home visit and demonstration of low vision aids.

Barbara Brown

Barbara Brown

COMT Owner, Light and Magnify

Barbara Brown, President of Light and Magnify Technologies has a long history working with low vision people.